1. #vscocam || working on some of the footage from the @truevoicesnj event we had on Saturday. Let’s just hope my laptop doesn’t blow up 😖😖

  2. Video from the @joshgarrels show on Thursday night. I never get tired of seeing him love.

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  4. "If you ask yourself ‘What’s the best thing that happened today?’ it actually forces a certain kind of cheerful retrospection that pulls up from the recent past things to write about that you wouldn’t otherwise think about. If you ask yourself ‘What happened today?’ it’s very likely that you’re going to remember the worst thing, because you’ve had to deal with it—you’ve had to rush somewhere or somebody said something mean to you—that’s what you’re going to remember. But if you ask what the best thing is, it’s going to be some particular slant of light, or some wonderful expression somebody had, or some particularly delicious salad."
    — Nicolson Baker
  5. #Latergram from the yesterday’s museum photos.
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  6. Sketch from my day at the museum.

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  7. Checking the @samcintron installation at Hope Center in Jersey City (at The Hope Center Tabernacle)

  8. #vscocam || Good Morning.

  9. From one of my all-time favorite movies.

  10. Finished #logo for the Youth Alive chapter in Newark High School. Check the full project out on my website.

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